Sunday, September 16, 2012

Messages from Readers 9

Hello Aliaa,

I'm a guy from Cairo, Egypt. Recently, I have been reading your blog and was very impressed about your work and Kareem's too. I wasnt aware of your problem here in Egypt due to the Nude Art blog and I was disgusted with people's feedback. Your work and vision to what is happening to us in Egypt is a really top notch and valuable and I truly believe in what you are trying to tell people about the fake environment we are living in here in Egypt due to religion and culture. You and Kareem's work are behind my passion to write to you. I'm a guy who is raised in a good standard of living, been to the best schools and university in Egypt; maybe I dont really feel what the poor people are suffering from but I wanna talk about a whole other thing which is similar to Nude Art blog.

I am nudist or a naturist, I am a person who believes in nudism more than my religion. I do believe in living nude nothing to be ashamed about. I really cant be nudist in Egypt, only in my room. Parents and society dont accept it. I want to go to the beach and enjoy the sun and the sand nude. This is how we were born, it is NOT sexual it really hurts me when people think like that. Maybe there are alot of people in our community who believe in this or not, I cant tell. But I have the right to spend my life naked. I have been to the usa and France there are communities that are nudists they spend their lives nude, I spend 2 days in usa in one of the camps. People who are nudists doesnt have materialism problems, they dont judge by the looks, they are very welcoming. I would like to give you and kareem huge applause about what you did. Maybe you both find your way but what about the idea itself. I am always finding a way to keep my parents outside and go nude in the house but I become ashamed of myself why , why, why. I told that im nudist to my closest friends they think I am GAY, I wasnt upset that they call me gay bec Gay in my perspective is ok and im very welcoming to gays and lesbians but in their perspective this is insulting.