Monday, November 7, 2011

A Message I Received Today:

Dear Aliaa
I would have to be lying if I said I did not envy you, I do I envy your courage societies like ours we are being contr
olled by fear. I once though I was brave enough to take a stand.. After years of oppression and complete submission I decided enough was enough I took off my veil and announced to my parents that I am an Atheist. I was locked up and tortured till I said that I believe again and once I became a so called "Muslim" Again they let me go and everything went back to normal. Well almost. If you've ever seen the movie V for Vendetta you will remember the scene where Evey loses fear. Where V tortures her until she becomes fearless that is how I feel now. I would rather die than live my entire life as a hypocrite. I really look forward to talking to you I respect and admire you even if our brainwashed society thinks that what we are doing is wrong societies never got anywhere but doom following the herd mentality , its people like us who stand up for woman's child and gay rights. As a little girl I prayed almost every day that I would never get my period and that I some how become a boy because of the sick society which views women as brain deficient