Wednesday, April 4, 2012

من رسائل القراء 4 Messages from Readers 4

I live in a masculine world, I was sexually abused when I was 4 by my cousin and because Im a girl I cant say anything about it. I couldnt play a sport or learn violin ebcause im a girl, I couldnt get in the career i want which is acting because im a girl, i cant go out because im a girl. my father has the right to search among my things and call me every 15 minute because im a girl, i cant be homosexual because im a girl......alot more because im a girl,,,,,, I HATE BEING A GIRL in a community like this! I hated my body, everytime I walk in the street i hear non sense men ay kalb mashy fel share3 w kaman ana el 3'ltana 3shn bnt w y2olo mahy akeed labsa osyar wla ay 7aga
انا ساعات بنزل بالحجاب لان اهلي بيفرضوه عليا لما بنسافر البلد, بشوف حاجات زبالة و ناس تسمح لنفسها انها تلمسك من غير اي وجه حق و لو اتكلمتي تبقي انتي الغلطانة!