Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Society's Pressure on Women to Make Them Veil Part II

My name is Reem Abdel Razek and here is my "Hijab" story. When I was ten living in Saudi Arabia I went to the amusement park one day and ran around chasing my younger brother. A Saudi man walked up to my father and said something. I was not able to make out what he was saying but my father's facial expressions changed drastically he looked at me with disgust took me home and on the way he said the man told him you're daughter is causing "fitna" he told me I must wear a veil or else people will consider me a "bad" girl" One day eight years later I was sent an image on face book that shook me to the core and caused a paradigm shift, It was the image of a covered lollipop representing the veil and an uncovered lollipop with flies on it representing women who do not wear it. I looked in the mirror and what I saw might shock people, I saw a human being I did not see a lollipop. I saw a brain I saw feelings, I saw emotions, I saw morals and ethics but "gasp" no lollipop. After critically reading about the veil I decided it was not for me. I was called a whore , lunatic , bitch, I was tortured , I was humiliated , I was kicked out of a family members house.