Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Messages from Readers 10 (English Translation)

I got raped aliaa 
They raped me in cairo
Egypt is the dirtiest country 
Perverts, bullies and thieves
They took all my stuff
My clothes, cell phone, gold, ipad and bag
The raped me for two whole days, Aliaa
Do you know an area called Al Mokattam?
I was with a friend of mine in his car
They beat him, kidnapped me and made me board a bus by force as if they were police officers 
They had guns and large knives
They took me inside a house in an agricultural area called Osim 
There was a large agricultural land in front of the house and a huge mountain behind it
I suffered a lot
They did inhumane things to me
I can’t report it to the police 
My brothers and my family will slaughter me if they knew, Aliaa 
A dirty society!
I got physically sick and underwent a hemorrhoids operation 
The problem is that they taped me with my cell phone
I got injured in all my body and bleeded 
They beat me hard 
The humiliated me like never before
They view me as a slut
and a girl who goes to houses (to have sex) 
They took drugs and humiliated me
They treated me as a dog for the whole two days 
and invited their friends to rape me
You won’t believe what they did to let me go 
They made me have sex with a donkey to let me go 
after two days
and laughed at me, taped me and beat me
They didn’t want to let me go until the donkey ejaculates 
Can you imagine this?
I don’t want to be disgraced in front of my family
I hate Egypt
The truck driver who drove me home and brought me clothes sexually harassed me while I was tired and not able to open my eyes
And they say that Egyptian people are noble 
They are the dirtiest people in history
I was wearing something like a beach cover up only and was naked under it 
They even refused to give me my bra and underwear and made me walk barefooted
You know what? They refused to let me go to the bathroom 
and made me pee and poop in front of them on the floor and laughed at me
I never imagined there were people like this 
They made me kiss their feet and do other things to let me go and didn’t let me go before two days
They made me bleed from my vagina and anus
and none of the six sympathized with me
I screamed from pain till I lost my voice 
and they stabbed me with a penknife or a blade
on my behind
They told me that they must leave a mark on me 
I want to leave Egypt 
This happened 57 days ago
and I might be pregnant 
but I told my mum 
Mum is weak and oppressed
She said to me: Don’t tell anybody. If your father or brothers knew, they will slaughter me 
The problem is that after I bled from my vagina, they continued
I feel that I’m pregnant
If I were pregnant, mum will take me to a doctor in Alexandria to abort the baby
I’m afraid they might find me anyhow and come to me again
They have all my personal belongings